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development of a complex Front-end solution for Adgram, an advertising exchange in Telegram.

AdGram advertising platform has become the main international resource for advertisers and Telegram channels. This is made possible by a web interface developed by rsquad.

About resource
Nowadays AdGram – is the most powerful Advertising space on Telegram. It was created for effective communication of customers with advertisers. Our service can help you to put an advertisement of any size.
Channels owners and communities
get advertisers;
expand the audience;
earn on advertising.
Brand creators, advertisers:
find an audience;
talk about the brand;
increase sales.

About opportunities

Before fundamentally new solution represented by AdGram, most advertisers could not use any advertising resources on Telegram.

Before AdGram, most advertisers could not use any advertising resources on Telegram.

Communication, the settlement process between advertisers and channel administrators was difficult, took a while and special skills.
Every time it was necessary to negotiate individually without disclosing its contents.
Putting an advertisement was manually.
There was no available channel base and many useful and necessary options that would greatly simplify the user's work.
The processes are unified, the interface is adaptive, responsive, and intuitive.
Thanks to the innovative interface solutions of rsquad, the process of working with advertising has accelerated many times, its return has increased.
Now the launch of an advertising project is carried out in a few clicks.
At any time, information is available about the state of the account, balance, history of expenses and deposits, statistics with a specified period with the ability to download reports.

AdGram allows you to organize marketing push on an industrial scale, involving hundreds and thousands of channels around the world.

AdGram platform is an international one. It hosts advertising campaigns in Europe, India, Indonesia, Russia, and the CIS countries. Clients work in telecom, betting, gambling, dating, horeca, FMCG directions.

Here, both mega-popular channels and young, not promoted, with a small number of subscribers are registered, because now anyone can manage and receive income from advertising, even if they visit AdGram for the first time.

There are many IT managers, programmers, freelancers, marketers, businessmen and just creative people among the users. In the first place, the calculation was made on them.

AdGram users are thoughtful people with a critical mindset who appreciate an unconventional approach to decision-making. We tried to take all this into account, creating for them a high-quality and modern web application that will suit their tastes, habits, and lifestyle.

Four pillars of User Experience:

These are simple, understandable human values ​​that formed the basis of rsquad's Front-end solution:

It manifests itself in everything: from the moment of registration to carrying out calculations, generating and uploading statistics, visibility, security, and transparency of relations between clients. Registration through Username Telegram is done by simply following the link.
It is easy to master the operation of the product, it will not take much time, it will save you from unnecessary independent calculations. Information is easily recognized, searched for, and tracked directly in the process.
AdGram meets the needs and expectations of users, and it does so in a relaxed and almost invisible way.
The launch of an advertising campaign is carried out in a few clicks: you just need to select the campaign format (CPP, CPM, CPC), mark the requirements for audience reach channels, upload an advertising post or video, remember to indicate the bid amount and the total budget of the campaign, and click the "create" button.
After three minutes, the download will be complete - the advertising product will start working and make a profit.
It is provided by a well-thought-out visual design - positive, light and even a little daring. And this is not only cute graphics, but also the functionality of the product. Nothing will distract attention from the task. This is the case when thoughts are spacious.
Adaptive web-design (responsive web-design) of the web application ensures the correct display of content on various devices connected to the Internet. AdGram is equally convenient to use from a smartphone, tablet, laptop, even from a TV, if there is Internet access.
Time is of the essence, so we create the most convenient, fast, and intuitive product interfaces for your customers so that they do not waste it in endless searches.

If you want your future projects will look worthy, could easily recognizable and used to love with first click – connect us.
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Rsquad’s modus operandi: to accelerate and simplify the audience interaction. We are always striving to improve our product and creating positive user’s experience.