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development of front-end solutions for the Broxus project

Not everyone has the time and opportunity to independently develop a software solution in the world of crypto business and launch a digital currency exchange service. Broxus, a multi-tier turnkey platform for crypto exchanges and e-commerce, helps clients launch their own cryptocurrency market faster and easier.

A goal

To make it easier for Broxus customers to focus on business development, operational activities and launch the Rsquad e-commerce service in a brief time, it was necessary to create a convenient and functional web interface for user interaction with the Broxus platform.

The development of the interface for managing the site was supposed to ease the work with the platform.

It was assumed that regardless of the business area, any team could start working with the cryptocurrency infrastructure within a minimum time.

How we implemented it

Work on the project has been in progress since April 2019 and was completed at the end of 2020. The technologies used in the work: javaScript, React, Next.

RSquad specialists have developed the Broxus platform website. As part of the work on the site, a unique admin panel was created for the Broxus ecosystem products: Stardust and Shuttle.

Broxus Stardust is a streaming service. The information infrastructure of the service allows you to provide data transfer services via API with a flexible interface. Access is organized through a single API both via Rest and via WebSocket.

Broxus Shuttle is an intelligent control panel that acts as an intermediary between trading platforms and the client, supplying access to cryptocurrency resources and exchanges. This service is a tool for integration with crypto exchanges through one interface.

On the home page in the content management system, you can:

activate the proposed products;
top up the balance by bank card or wire transfer;
buy and issue invoices for loans according to the selected tariff plan (individual, professional, for market leaders);
view the history of loans for all products with a given time corridor;
learn historical and real-time data for various cryptocurrencies
receive information about prices for a specific cryptocurrency exchange, about a trading pair base/quoted currency, about prices for exchanges;
visually present and analyze price changes, volume peaks, candlestick charts
set up an internal exchange service
create secure storage
expand the base of partner services and much more.

In the absence of any functionality required by the client, it is possible, on a project-based basis, to add this functionality to suit his needs.


A single interface was created for interacting with the Broxus ecosystem with the following functions:

1. Issue of individual keys for API Broxus applications: Stardust, Shuttle, Nova.

2. User authorization system through Keycloack.

3. Tracking data on API calls.

4. Statistics block, a function of uploading reports and visualization method.

5. Statistics block with information about transactions.

6. Implemented a billing interface with a block of data on transactions and balance.

7. The landing page of the project has been created.

We are proud that the work of Rsquad has brought added value to an international mature and successful project.

If your platform needs a unique and solid, but at the same time simple and comprehensible, Front-end solution that is attractive to users too, contact us - our ideas will be to your advantage.
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