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Development of a new channel for attracting and interacting with users for the Crypterium cryptobank.

Crypterium is an international decentralized crypto-banking platform that is available to all residents of the world. It offers the same financial services that banks provide, but not in fiat money, but cryptocurrency.

A couple of years after a dizzyingly successful startup, the company invited Rsquad to take part in the development. For the convenience of users who carried out financial transactions through a mobile application, a web platform was needed as a convenient and familiar channel for interaction with the ecosystem of services of a cryptocurrency bank.

That way fundamentally new resource appeared for attracting users of the Crypterium crypto bank.

Looking ahead, we can say that with the introduction of the web version developed by Rsquad, the audience of users has grown. Here is how the distribution of users by way of access to the Crypterium ecosystem of services looks like:

63% Android;
9% Web;
28% iOS.

Especially since Crypterium has more than 500 thousand users, then there are 45 thousand of them in the Web version. That is more than the population of Liechtenstein or Monaco.

Concept - integration: convenient and fast.

The web platform is needed for not all operations can be conveniently performed through a mobile application. Many people prefer the classics and consider it natural for themselves to work while sitting in a comfortable chair at the desk, especially when it comes to transactions that are not done as if “by the way”.

Thus, Rsquad took part in the implementation of the main idea and goal of the project - the integration of the Crypterium cryptocurrency system into everyday life.

Users received a digital wallet and card for easy financial management.
Now they can at any time:

spend cryptocurrency.

Imagine that now you, from the comfort of your home, seamlessly transfer cryptocurrency around the world using only your phone number or wallet address. Dreams are real.

The Crypterium website, developed by Rsquad, combines functionality for working with traditional financial instruments and digital assets.

The Crypterium ecosystem includes:

mobile bank;
cryptocurrency acquiring;
OpenAPI platform;
credit and deposit services for users.

The basic positions for which the development was carried out:

Created the platform and interface of the Crypterium web application
The new access interface has turned out as users expected - convenient from a practical point of view and ergonomic. It has incorporated all the existing services of the Crypterium ecosystem, while all options are easily visualized on the web.
Developed an interface for transferring cryptocurrency
Now clients conduct all operations not using complex multi-digit numbers of wallets and current accounts, but using the recipient's phone numbers, buying cryptocurrencies through bank cards, and withdrawing them to any account. Switching between operations, conversion, withdrawal, replenishment of accounts - everything happens on one page, or with a minimum
number of clicks.
Created a block with information about the value of cryptocurrencies
The choice of the information visualization method makes the electronic wallet convenient and familiar to work with. The information is presented in a laconic graphical form: tables, graphs, diagrams, diagrams, etc.
Technologies used in development: React (Next.js) Redux, RxJS, BigNumber.js.
Quote: "We tried to make the process of buying and selling with cryptocurrency in everyday life as simple as possible, knowing that this is what will attract billions of people to use cryptocurrency."

How it works

Now you can pay with cryptocurrency quickly, transparently, and anonymously, without redeeming for real currency. Conversion to and from digital assets occurs instantly and before your very eyes.

A bunch of cool things

For online purchases, an interface has been created for paying for goods and services on the Internet. For lending and accepting user deposits, there is also a special interaction method.

Added a story system (like Instagram stories) on the main page of your account.
It allows clients to familiarize themselves with the news feed in their usual format, follow current events, and always keep abreast of economic trends.

It is worth mentioning that two-factor authentication has been implemented through third-party applications, which meets modern user authorization standards. Your account is protected by a three-layer fraud protection protocol and insured by BitGo.

The landing page of the project with a clearly defined structure is adapted to the needs of the user, it is presentable and interactive. According to the responses of the respondents, the landing page turned out to be very visual, lively, and “sticky”.

If on other services competing with our site, which can hardly be called analog, the controls are like a Boeing panel, where it is scary to touch anything, then everything is simple here, like a remote control for a children's toy robot. But the "games" in Crypterium will be more serious - on the scale of the same Boeing.

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