Creating an voting service easy vote for the Free TON blockchain system


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development of a voting service for the Free TON blockchain



Windows, MacOS, Web


Blockchain, TON-SDK, React, Redux, Parcel, Tailwind


september 2020 — october 2020

project overview

free TON is based on a flexible multi-blockchain platform called the TON blockchain capable of processing millions of transactions per second, with Turing-complete smart contracts, updated formal blockchain specifications, multi-cryptocurrency transfers, support for micropayment channels, and off-chain payment networks


one of the most important aspects in the development of a blockchain project is building a system of autonomous decentralized management (DAO) of the project. The tasks of the DAO system are:

determination of the directions of the project development;

determination of the format and rules for the participation of the project community in the management of project development and changes within the project;

establishment of transparent rules for the expression of the will of the project community members and automation of change management processes (submission of bids, selection of bids for voting, voting, and voting, distribution of rewards)
the Free Ton project is run by a decentralized community. The development of the project, the attraction, and the encouragement of community members is carried out on a competitive basis. Our goal is to simplify the voting system in Free Ton contests
as part of the task of building a DAO, our company has created a voting system for the jury of contests and Free TON users. Functionality available to users of our DAO Free TON voting system:

viewing all competitions of the Free TON project (both open for voting and archived) with filtering by status and project directions;

viewing the parameters of each competition (conditions, voting results, jury comments);

conducting voting on competitions (both in manual and batch mode) and automatic registration of votes
the developed voting system is integrated with the blockchain using native Free TON smart contacts