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mediatop creating a personal account for setting up advertising on Digital TV

MediaTop is a federal operator of digital indoor advertising in the beauty industry points. Quite naturally, he needed a working web platform that would allow him to create, distribute and monetize content based on the Digital TV infrastructure.

Rsquad has worked on the creation of a personal MediaTop account for flexible customization of advertising on Digital TV. In two months, we completed the task, and users received a convenient, adaptive interface in which they can register and work from any type of electronic device.

The process of development of these technologies has benefited from the following React, Node, Loopback, AS3.

The idea is mass availability

Quote: "The main idea of ​​the project was to make the opportunities for a wide advertising campaign available not only to large business communities but to ordinary entrepreneurs with whom we contact every day".

For example, owners of a butcher shop around the corner, a bicycle repair shop, a pastry shop next to their house or a flower stand at the nearest bus stop.

Thus, we included a small business in the target audience, which eventually got the opportunity to advertise with technological means, without applying "superpowers" to this.

We have set ourselves the task of providing users with the opportunity and convenience to choose:

target audience;
broadcast parameters;
extended reporting form for each share.

Principle: simple and fast = good

So, we do not fire on sparrows from a cannon a business must imagine a portrait of a consumer and build an advertising broadcast for it. But the majority have neither the time nor the appropriate staff for this.

For ease of navigation and speed of creating advertising projects, the following metrics are implemented in the personal account:

number of impressions.

The flexible policy of advertising campaigns, customization of the audience, and broadcast - everything happens in one personal account.

The customer, having entered the platform, without special training, can choose from the proposed parameters the target audience of consumers of the product that he is going to advertise. He can set the geolocation where he is going to advertise, determine the broadcast parameters: frequency, quantity, and time of display.

A key point of accounting and statistics

The client could independently at any time view extended reporting on how his advertising campaign is proceeding. The report parameters include, for example:

number of displays points;
the number of monitors for broadcasting content;
timing of the video;
the number of impressions per hour, etc.

The statistics block provides the function of uploading reports and the choice of the way of information visualization. You can download the information to your computer in an Excel spreadsheet format and use it in other reports and business strategies.

You can always track your balance, top it up on time and view information about expenses by setting the required period.

The creation of an advertising campaign in your Media Top account takes less than 5 minutes in 3 intuitive steps. The main parameters are templated - they will not need to be re-entered and described every time.

Once you have made an advertisement, you can use it later as a basis. This will make the creation of new projects even faster.

As usual, the interface is responsive and displayed correctly on the tablet and monitor.

Summing up

Now, at the very moment, while you are reading this material, advertising launched from the MediaTop platform is being broadcast on 2,500 digital screens in Moscow - 1,240,000 ad impressions per day. The project is working successfully and has proven its wort

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