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Free TON

blockchain and cryptocurrency are based on the Telegram Open Network protocol

we’ve been following TON technologies since its inception. also we’ve been cooperating for a long-term with various companies and projects involved in the launch of Free TON network

here, in rsquad we fully share the principles and approaches described in the Declaration of Decentralization
beginning of TON development
intended audience
coming soon
native integration with Free TON network
clear and varied functionality of the system, which allows to create various types of advertising campaigns
creation of connectors with the main digital platforms that serve to automatically record actions as part of the user’s interaction with a particular digital platform
creation of embedded components to quickly launch advertising campaigns on your own resources
built-in marketing fraud protection tools
governance based on principles described in Declaration of Decentralization
decisions made on the basis of fair and transparent voting
convenient interface for community communication available on all devices
blockchain based authentication
last implemented projects
developed a simplified voting system for the competition jury and Free Ton users
created a manual and automatic voting function (working with a JSON file)
technologies used in development: Blockchain TON-SDK React Redux Parcel Tailwind
absence of third parties during exchange, protection against fraud
assistance in finding participants in transactions
implemented on the Free Ton platform using Blockchain technologies, Smart contracts, TON-SDK, React
do you have an interesting project or startup using Free Ton blockchain? We will gladly help you
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we actively support the development of Free Ton
airdrop mechanics contest
contest description
to design the best possible approach and mechanics for an airdrop to new users that can promote Free TON
submission overview
we proposed to implement a series of airdrops based on a cross-platform application on web technologies with gamification, role-playing system and referrals
jurors comment
«well-thought proposal with a lot of reqired detailes overviewed»
soft majority voting system
contest description
to create TON improvement proposal for soft sajority voting contracts specification
submission overview
we proposed to implement an extensible voting vystem for voting in community with the support of various vote counting schemes and voter sets
jurors comment
«good architecture was proposed in that solution»